Ways To Cope When You’re Away From Your Kids

You may not have the option of being a stay-at-home mom, but these strategies are perfect in helping you get through your work day

Research has shown that up to 67% of working mothers experienced separation anxiety when they return to work. [1] So, here are 3 strategies to help console you if you have to leave your little one at daycare.

1. Spend quality time in the morning
It’s easy to feel flustered when your to-do list is miles long every morning. But you can have a good start by preparing and packing what you can the night before. Then, instead of fretting over the little things, take advantage of the precious morning hour to bond with your little one.

2. Leave your child with someone you can trust
Decide on a suitable daycare by exploring your options thoroughly. Then, ask if the staff could share some photos of your child during the day. You’d be surprised at how comforted you feel when you see pictures of your precious one playing happily with her new friends.

3. Vaccinate for every day protection
It’s only natural for moms to keep their little ones from harm. But worrying tirelessly about your child’s health and safety in daycare would only wear you out. So, do your child (and yourself) a favour by getting her the flu (influenza) vaccination. The flu is not the same as the common cold[2]; the symptoms and complications are much more serious, including sinus/ear infections, asthma attacks, pneumonia, and meningitis[2],[3]. You can be assured that you are protecting your little one against a very serious and infectious disease[4]. And while you’re at it, you can also talk to your doctor about getting pneumococcal and meningococcal vaccinations for your child.

Moms, it’s certainly difficult to part with your child because of work. But do treasure every second you have with your child. When you look back later, you’ll be thankful for all those little moments together.

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