Stress-Free Career Advancement Tips

Helping you look beyond the usual tactics to land that new job or promotion

The corporate landscape has changed much over the years, making it more challenging to stand out and climb that corporate ladder. Here are some simpler ways to get ahead, without actually increasing your workload.

1. Appear to be in-control
Looking professional and confident is just as important as meeting deadlines or securing new business deals. To project that image, get organised and clear out your work space. Then, avoid inappropriate personal mementos that could undermine your professionalism such as cartoon figurines or excessive photos of your pets.

2. Make friends and influence people
Drop the desk-lunch habit. It makes you seem aloof and robs you of the opportunity to socialise with your colleagues and network with top-management people. Another helpful tip is to keep your ear to the ground. Knowledge is power and by being in the loop, you will have the upper hand when that coveted promotion opportunity knocks.

3. Stand tall & strong
If you find yourself constantly surrounded and affected by people with the flu, then it’s time to get serious. Safeguard your health and be the last one standing when the flu sweeps your office by getting vaccinated. The flu (influenza) is not the same as the common cold. Flu is more severe[1] and could potentially send many of your colleagues to the hospital. [2] When that happens, it’s your time to shine as your boss would be counting on you to get that all-important task done.

[1] Utah Flu Fighters. 2010. Difference Between Cold and Flu Symptoms. [Accessed Dec 7, 2017] [2] CDC. 2016. Flu symptoms & complications. [Accessed Dec 20, 2017]