Stay Healthy While Performing Umrah

Pilgrims going on Umrah will have lots to prepare. However, many tend to overlook their health when doing so.


Did you know that you and your family may be exposed to various types of infectious diseases, including influenza[1] in the Holy Land? This risk is especially high during Umrah & Haj season due to large crowds of pilgrims from all around the world.[1] But don’t worry, here are steps you can take to protect you and your family from the threat of influenza.

1. Get vaccinated against influenza

Influenza vaccination is strongly recommended for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims[2] as it can reduce up to 77% clinic visits due to influenza-like illness.[3] Influenza vaccination can also protect you from serious complications such as infections of the ear/sinus, pneumonia, organ failure, asthma attack or death.[4]

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2. Practise good hygiene

Avoid touching your face, eyes or nose and always wash your hands with soap and water.[5]

3. Avoid unhealthy people

Stay away from pilgrims who are sick to avoid getting an infection.[6]

4. Get enough rest and drink enough water

It can be tiring to complete your pilgrimage. Get adequate rest because you may be prone to infections if you are tired.[7] Drink enough water to avoid dehydration due to the hot weather.

Remember these steps to help you and your family stay healthy throughout the pilgrimage.

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