A Mom’s Guide To Getting Through The Day

Because not everything is worth losing your mind over

Being a mother is one of life’s greatest gifts. But it’s also not short on challenges. So here are 3 ways to help you worry a little less and cherish the beautiful journey of motherhood.

1. Don’t fuss
Sometimes, it’s helpful to remember that the only thing constant with kids is the constant mess. So, just try your best to get everyone involved in house chores (yes, hubby included). A chore sheet might work wonders but if it fails, remember what matters most is your family’s wellbeing – so, don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Don’t fight
We’ve all been there before. A peaceful moment turns into a storm of raging tantrums just because the kids can’t have their way. To avoid power struggles (and keep your sanity), decide what’s worth fighting for. If your kids are picky eaters or simply resist bedtime, then get serious during those times. This way, you can avoid fighting a losing battle all day over not-as-important stuff like strewn toys or unmade beds.

3. Prevent the flu
Anyone with kids will know that tummy aches and colds are common among children and often clear up fast. But don’t let them catch the flu. It’s more severe than the common cold[1] and they can infect your entire family in no time. [2] Kids can also develop some scary complications, resulting in hospitalisation. [3] So, vaccinate your kids against the flu (influenza). You’ll not only be safeguarding their health, but it’ll help you get through the day better, knowing that they are well.

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