Caring for Your Parents in Their Golden Years

There’s no better time than now to repay your parents’ love and kindness

With our hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to get caught up raising a family and building a career. At the same time, we overlook the fact that our parents are slowly, but surely, advancing in age. So, how can you show them your love? It’s quite simple, really.

1. Encourage them to pick up a hobby – Loneliness can be very crippling for older adults. So, motivate them to try out social activities like travelling or tai-chi. Then, surprise them by joining in for some quality parent-child bonding.

2. Volunteer to send them to the hospital for routine health checks – You will not only earn brownie points for being the more responsible child, but it could mean a world of difference to their wellbeing when health problems are detected early.

3. Remember their special days – Your parents may not be particular about gifts, but they would still appreciate simple gestures like receiving a birthday wish phone call or you making that trip home to celebrate the joyous occasion with them.

4. Get your parents vaccinated – Influenza (or flu) is not the same as the common cold. [1]Not only do the elderly have a higher risk of developing serious complications or secondary bacterial infection from influenza, it can be deadly too.[2] So talk to your doctor about getting them (and yourself!) vaccinated against influenza. And while you’re at it, consider getting the pneumococcal vaccine too.

With your solid support, you can make their golden years much more comfortable and meaningful.

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